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The best way to minimize more serious problems is by entrusting your vehicle's routine maintenance to Sal.

The Dealership


You and your vehicle get personal attention at Sal's shop.  Your specific concerns are addressed. Repairs or services are explained and even shown to you if you'd like.



Sal's skill, knowledge, and years of experience and training, enable him to repair your vehicle.  Sal performs many repairs.

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Having a strong desire to adhere to moral and ethical principles within the automotive industry, Sal treats every vehicle as if his own family member is driving it.  Detail oriented with a knack for diagnostics, Sal thoroughly examines each trouble spot on every vehicle.  Sal interacts with every customer with sincerity and truthfulness.  Sal does not repair any vehicle that does not require it.  Why not try an automotive shop where you will be treated fairly, honestly, and with integrity?


Sal strives to provide quality service and repair.  His main objective of any repair is to fix what is wrong.  Sal's high standards ensure that the maintenance he performs will enable your vehicle to run well and to ideally minimize serious problems.  Sal's not perfect yet, but he will do his best to get your vehicle back on the road running better than when it arrived at his shop.  If you are looking for a good, high standard of excellence, then Sal's is the place to take your vehicle.

Monday - Saturday 8:30 to 5:30

Hot Rods

Sal's years of experience include repairing, maintaining, and renovating older vehicles.  He has worked on classic cars, hot rods, street rods, rat rods and many more.  From rewiring an entire electrical system to replacing an engine, Sal has done it.  Sal has worked on many of our local hot rods that have been in several car shows.  When it's car show time in Redding, make an appointment early!

Proud Veteran of the United States Army

Our Business is Family Owned and Operated