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1825 Ninth Street

Redding, Ca 96001


Matt W. - Sal is honest, hard working and respectful. He is the most trusted mechanic I have ever met. I've had him work on three of my cars now and he is always as thorough as possible on the inspection and once he's diagnosed the problem, he gives me all of my options. I recommend all of my friends and family to him.


Rick S. - Sal's Automotive is the only place I will ever choose to take any of my vehicles. Sal is the most honest and trust worthy person let alone mechanic. He has always taken the time to go through my vehicles to pin point what ever issues may be happening at the time. Then whether he does the work or if you do it he will always help you. Has some of the best shop rates you will find and always stands behind his work. Most recently I had to have my car towed in to him. He did a lot of tear down to find the problem and then he decided that it was best to find out why this break down happened. During his research he not only found that this break down was a manufacturing issue but also found that the repairs were covered by a recall. DSL not only made my day but saved me from having to scrap my car. SAL YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!


Jim D. - My car is a 97 Grand AM which must continue running for a long time. It had a major fluid leak that had been worked on no fewer than five times by another mechanic who still could not get it stopped, although he insisted that he saw no problem. Furthermore, the "check engine" light was on, and 5 local mechanics could not identify the problem.

Sal was able to rectify the leak issue in one visit, and identify the sensor problem by simply replacing a faulty gas cap, where others had done several hundred dollars of work in their attempts.

As if this was not enough, two weeks after all this work was done, and the car was running well, I got a personal call from Sal, himself, simply to make sure my car was doing OK. To not only work so hard to fix a problem, diagnose it the first time, correct the problem, and to follow up as he did, Sal's Automotive Repair has gained my loyalty for life.


Cathy S. - As a newcomer in Redding, I needed a mechanic when my ignition locked up the day before leaving on a trip.  Looking on the internet for a mechanic I came upon the two previous reviews and gave Sal a call.  I am glad I did,  He is a gem.  He's honest, thorough, reasonable and serves his customers from beginning to end.  I knew I had found a good man when the tower asked me where I wanted my vehicle towed and when I told him the address, he replied, with a thumbs up, "Sal's?  He's the best!"



Cheri D. - Sal has been my car mechanic for a few years now. There is a comforting feeling I get from him whenever I drop off my truck, I know that my truck will be taken care of.


He truly goes out of his way to help me understand what is happening with my truck. And he does it in a way that does not leave me feeling slighted.

I took my truck to him recently to have the oil changed and a safety inspection done fully expecting to hear that I would have to fix this or that. But all was well and I left with a trusting feeling know that my truck was in a good shape.


In an automotive industry where roughness and harshness can run rampant, Sal has a quiet humbleness about him that makes it easy for me to bring my truck to.


He is a master mechanic in my book not just because he can fix cars but also because he is masterful in his customer service.


Rick L. - Just took my van to Sal to get my oil changed.   Wow.  Kind man and great mechanic!  He did total a inspection of the van and found 2 nails in the tires and patched them at no cost.   Had the van in and out quickly.  I feel so much more comfortable going on our long road trip now since he checked everything out, including the brakes.  I think I found my new mechanic!


Dale W. - Just picked up my 86 El Camino. Right price, problem fixed. While involved in the repair, Sal found some bad electrical connectors, and called to inform me. When I asked what the additional charge would be, he told me a buck or two for the connectors, and no charge for the labor.


Michelle M. - Sal is the  most honest and caring mechanic I have ever had.  He warranties all of his work.  He kept his word with me that he would warranty anything that might go wrong.  He did not pull the normal mechanic talk when they try and get out of fixing their work when they said that they would.  He is the only mechanic that I trust after horrible experiences previously with Athens.  He is very thorough and he goes the extra mile to make sure everything is ok in the car.  I would encourage everybody to support Sal in his new business. He deserves it.  He is honest, hard-working, and actually cares about the cars and people that he works with.  He redid a whole break job for me for free because the brakes were squeeking.  He is a man of his word and cares also about the safety of people in the cars that he works on.  I hope everybody supports his business.